About Dudley

Dudley Shumate

jackusopenchallengeprefwin2016Dudley Shumate has been living with and training dogs of various breeds—including Cocker Spaniels, Standard Poodles, Border Collies, and most recently a terrier mix and a rescue—for over 25 years.

Border Collies Maverick, Sweet, Jack and Bird have been on IFCS and WAO USA world teams over 20 times combined, and have all medaled.

Sweet won the 2013 AKC National Championship 20″ division with over 400 dogs in her height class and the 2015 UKI US Open National Championship in the 16″ Preferred class.

Jack also competed for AKC USA team at the 2013 European Open and made the finals.

Bird is following in their paw steps with her win as the  26″ AKC National Champion for 2017 and two wins and a silver medal at the 2013 UKI US Open and her win of Round 2 at the 2016 UKI US Open National Championships.  Bird was also a member of the winning 2014 USDAA Dog Agility Masters national championship team as well as on the USA team for the 2014 European Open and 2015 IFCS.  She also won spots on the European Open and WAO 2016 world teams!

Rescue Phoebe of “5 Minutes” Facebook fame is coming on strong winning the 16″ Overall Championship at the first-ever UKI US SouthEast Regional Cup!!

Baby of the family, TastyKake, at less than a year old already has two online classes under her collar as well as an exciting puppy training DVD, “Growing Up Tasty”, published by Clean Run!

Before dogs, Dudley was an avid horse trainer and three-day event competitor. She lives on a farm near Winston-Salem, North Carolina when she isn’t trailing or teaching seminars all over the country.

Over the past five years, Dudley has been a reliable bet for final round appearances at national competitions including AKC National Finals; USDAA Team, Steeplechase, Masters Challenge Biathlon and Grand Prix Finals; as well as the UKI US Open Finals.

Dudley & Bird, along with their teammates Tracy Hirsch & Silver and Dave Grubel & Boca, won the 2014 Cynosport Dog Agility Masters Team Championship !!!

 Before dogs, Dudley was an avid horse trainer and three-day event competitor. A lifetime of experience training animals has helped develop her positive approach to training and her ability to build upon the particular strengths presented by each individual.