“It’s that time again!  Subscribers’ Camp Pre-registration time for Sept!!  Before I open to the public, here’s your chance to grab a spot (or two!)  Same 2 camp/half day formats but this time YOU get to chose the topic for Camp #2.  Details:

Camp is Tues, Sept 12

Quicksilver Canines, Julian NC

Camp #1 AM Session Master/Intntl Course Work/Handling

Camp #2 PM Session TBD by CAMPERS!!!  Vote for:

#1 Advanced/Novice Camp (pup showing, sequences/appropriate coursework)

#2 Teenagers Camp (building foundation with short sequences)

#3 Puppies Camp (foundation with toy play, maybe tunnels/low jumps)

#4 More Masters Camp

#5 Obstacle Execution Camp.

‘Email or contact me via FB with your topic vote

First topic to get 8 sign ups will be the Camp focus!  Email or FB msg me for more information or to sign up.  Pre-registration will be open 24hrs before it opens to the public.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and finding out what folks want to do!”