I get really excited when something I feel is interesting and potentially useful pops into my head.Usually it’s early morning, post hot yoga,during coffee kind of timing. 🙂

Noticing  I do a great deal of foundation training with 6 dogs milling around in various levels of ‘active’ and ‘loud’, it occurs to me that ‘distraction’ is a fun topic!

Distraction has as many forms and levels of intensity as are perceived by the individual. Whoa, Can you dig it? Since this nifty idea for my second ‘share’ occurred to me moments ago, I have checked my email once,checked my three Facebook pages, put the kettle on for tea, FORGOT I put the kettle on for tea, petted TKake on the head and evicted Peebs from my lap.

Ummm, what were we talking about?

What to have for contrast that with my very good pup Jack.

In that same amount of time and in that same environment he has thought: da mamma is moving. Is da mamma gonna put the kettle on (again!) or go outside. Period. Jack is observant,Jack is motivated,just as I am.

We differ in our perceptions and reactions to ‘stuff’,which defines how much ‘stuff’ distracts us.

The lesson I take from this is not to ‘judge’ but instead ‘customize’ training to best suit the individual.

How I train is just as important as what I train in terms of speedy comprehension. Learning puzzles like this fascinate me, until

I randomly wonder how many carbs are in 85% chocolate or notice Kiki poodle needs to go out or remember I need to put that load of laundry in the dryer. Jack loves working puzzles too. ‘Going outside or not’. The rest of it is immaterial for him. We both learn best when our temperaments are taken into consideration!