We all are familiar with the heart-ache of ‘letting go’ of a much-loved pup, the best friend who has been a huge part of our lives for years.  Often there comes a time when we have to put our interests aside and make that final decision, to be a real friend, even when it hurts.  But we don’t talk much about ‘letting go’ when there is nothing wrong with the pup, this best friend, this part of your family and your life.  What about that potentially painful decision process??  What is it like to ‘let go’ to someone else, a different home and life?

Most everyone who knows me probably knows Phoebe.  ‘5 Minute Phoebe’, the black shelter devil who I took because she needed taking!  Peebs came into my life supremely confident, smart, sweet and loving.  She did NOT come with anything that remotely resembled a ’work ethic’!!  Together we learned each other.  We learned how to communicate and how to ENJOY each other doing many different things.  Most importantly we developed a deep and abiding friendship with many layers of trust, each painstakingly earned by us both.  More than a year in the making, our relationship is now a wonderful thing.

Sunday after the dog show I put Phoebe in somebody else’s car to go to potentially a new home.  I am ‘letting go’ of my friend.  Why????  Believe me, I have asked myself that many, many times as the tears roll down my face! The real reason is this simple: because I love her.  I want her to be her happiest.  Peebs enjoys playing agility with me, doing tricks with me, being a part of my pack.  However, what she truly loves more than anything is being somebody’s one and only, the spoiled princess, cuddlebug extrordinaire!  You can’t sit down near Phoebe without her instantly being in your lap.  This is what she loves best (and squirrels!).  And this is not her reality with me and the rest of my crew.

I thought about this a long time, during many driving trips.  I thought “IF” I could ever find a perfect home for Phoebe for what SHE loves best, I would acknowledge it and let her go.  I may have found this home with the help of some special friends.  There is a single lady who lives alone, who has lost her best friend, who would dearly love a cute, sassy, sweet cuddlebug more than anything else in the world.  I cannot be a true friend to Phoebe if I don’t let her have this opportunity.  So we are going to try it and see. Of course I have made it ABUNDANTLY clear if at ANY time for ANY reason it is no longer working I will come pick up my black devil right away! Phoebe comes with a lifetime warranty from me.

Being a best friend, a true friend, a friend who puts themselves second in the relationship when it comes to making decisions is powerfully hard to do.  I am so, so sad as I write this.  But I know with all my heart it is what Phoebe would love best.  So I do it.  I let go.  Thank you Peebs, for teaching me so much.  There is ALWAYS a place here for you, my black devil!!