EUREKA! I have found the perfect protein bar for me because it is designed BY ME! :-O
You read it right, friends!  I stumbled across this site during long, boring, unsuccessful google search #289258 for a protein bar with no sugar alcohols that wasn’t crazy high in calories. Choose your ingredients and The Bar Shack will make and package them for you!  Heck, they will even give you FREE SHIPPING if you use the promo code: DUDLEY because they are excited about how much I am excited about them, haha!!  Yes, I can (and have) made bars myself at home, but this is so cool. They offer a huge list of ingredients to select from, most of them organic. Professional packaging includes both nutritional info and ingredient list and you get to name them!  😀 Since mine are sweetened by dates, I thought I picked a pretty great name calling my first batch ‘Dudley’s Date Night’. Perfect, right??  
But let’s get to the bottom line? How do they taste? They are GOOD! I mean really good. Not too sweet, you taste ALL the flavors.  I loved the cacao nibs I included in this recipe as they provide a nice crunch and a burst of intense chocolate. The bar is gorgeous, fresh and soft, a texture I have not been able to replicate in my own kitchen.  But the flavors are the real stars.  I can TASTE the ginger and coffee and chocolate. Seriously, these are GOOD! And the process of creating what you love and what fits your diet is really fun, the ‘real time’ nutritional label keeps you informed with every choice of all your macros: fat, protein, carbs and calorie count.  They even have a ‘recipe book’ if you want to get some different ideas, Dudley’s Date Night made the book if you want to see what’s in mine!  Fun, delicious and healthy, I love it!  And don’t forget, The Bar Shack is offering FREE SHIPPING if you use the promo code: DUDLEY when you make your own custom deliciousness!  Just go to: The Bar and use promo code: DUDLEY, it’s that easy.    #tastesgoodisgood xoxo