It rocks to be a subscriber!!​   Pre-registration for Web subscribers only starts today!!  It will open for everyone on July 4th.  Great chance to grab your spot for what is going to be a GREAT time at a SUPER facility!!  Here’s the scoop!!

Happy 4th of July just got a Whole. Lot.  HAPPIER!  😀

Super-exciting news!  Two awesome half day camps in August. INSIDE!!  Delighted to offer these camps at the gorgeous new facility in Julian, NC: Quicksilver Canine!  Come train in the fabulous 85 x 120′ space featuring climate-control, spectacular turf and top of the line amenities.

Two great camps to choose from!  One half day Masters/International ‘Beat Svetlana!’ Camp and in response to demand, another half day Teenagers ‘Foundation Innovation’.  Wheeee!

Both c​amps are Tuesday, August 15.  Only 8 working spots per camp so everyone gets plenty of active time.  Auditing is unlimited. Payment of camp fees secures your spot, 100% refundable if camper cancels​ but spot can be filled. If spot cannot be filled 50% refunded.​

Email me at or message via FB for further info or to make sure you get to be one of the really HAPPY campers!!  😀