birdlatrobeLooking for instruction outside the seminar setting?

Dudley offers instruction via online and in person! 

The following are some of the standard options, however being an ‘outside the box’ kinda gal, Dudley is always eager to tailor the experience so that it is of the most use!


Online Training
  1. Private online lessons are available either as single sessions or as a set.  Typically students present particular training challenges they would like to address. Some examples are obstacle execution and handling strategies, both making appropriate choices and execution. All training puzzles welcome!
  2. Show coaching and analysis.
  3. Dudley is a professor at the Agility University and has classes available with Tasty Cakes. Check them out here!
  4. Course Club is a subscription service with two levels of membership. Dudley provides 4 setups a month, one setup a week, each setup containing two suggested courses  (two of the monthly setups are jumping, two are agility).  Level 1 membership provides the maps.  Level 2 membership provides maps as well as access to a private FB group where Dudley posts training video of her dogs on the setups and where members can ask questions, make comments, engage in course analysis, etc.




Private Training - In Person
  1. There are some limited lessons available at Dudley’s farm for new students. These can be shared or solo.
  2. Dudley is also available for limited lessons on the road if it is en route to a trial or training engagement she is already attending.




Online training $125/hr

In person training $125/hr at the farm, $125/hr plus reduced travel expenses for on the road/en route lessons


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