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In Partnership with Clean Run Dudley has just finished a new series called Growing up Tasty: Spice Up your Training DVD.

What are you going to teach your new puppy?

tastykakenosebiter“Laughing and learning go hand in paw when Tasty Kake (a Rat Terrier/JRT/BC cross) and Dudley Shumate Fontaine explore the foundations of dog training together. Follow their adventures as they build important every day skills about how to be a good dog and member of the canine household, as well as specific skills for agility.

While putting the “fun” in fundamentals, this DVD introduces key concepts in a light, easy, and engaging way. You get to sit in on real training sessions while Dudley teaches Tasty how to learn, how to focus, proprioception, recalls, stays, cue discrimination, and more. You will also see how Dudley introduces agility handling through toy play. And, it’s not just about the handler; Tasty will teach Dudley what she likes too!

tastydvdpic-smBut this DVD is not just about what to train, it’s about how to train and interact with your pup. No matter what your aspirations in agility, developing a strong bond and fluency of communication is so important—if you and your dog understand each other well, not only can you do anything you tackle better; you can really enjoy doing it.

This DVD includes 22 training sessions with Tasty that occurred between the ages of 10 weeks and five months. The sessions are three to five minutes in length so the content is realistic to replicate with your own dog. Dudley provides step-by-step explanation and analysis as she’s training Tasty Kake as well as a wrap-up of what she thought went well in training and what she didn’t like.

Learning is fun, and people and pups can genuinely enjoy the training process!”

You can buy the video online below or directly from Dudley at shows/seminars and save shipping!!

Growing up Tasty DVD